Get Hired as a Phlebotomist

The fact is in a certain job, there are so many competitors. It is easy to understand this concept since when you graduate on a certain course, there are so many graduates along with you who also took the course that you took not to mention the other schools. So, in this world where competition is common and apparent, you have to consider a lot of things so that you will be the one who will be chosen to assume the position or do the job rather than the ones who are applying with you.

PhlebotomistAnd in order for this to happen, you have to make sure that you met the simple reminders below which are so important.

Complete Your Course as a Phlebotomist

It is hard for you to get the job that you want if you don’t have a certification that will be the basis for you to be recognized as a graduate. Well, you have to see to it that you met all the requirements set by the university or training center where you took the phlebotomy course. The subjects should be taken along with the trainings and other necessary things that you cannot miss. Complete your course as a phlebotomist and enjoy the higher chance of getting hired.

Be Knowledgeable on the Profile of Your Employer

It is not just enough that you are going to apply for a job as a phlebotomist because you like it or you simply have the chance to apply on a certain company that you don’t know about. It is important for you to know your employer so that you will have a background of what to answer during the interview if you will be asked. Aside from this, you should know exactly what you are entering to avoid regrets in the future. There are so many companies out there where you can apply for a job as a phlebotomist and you need to research on their backgrounds to get the best deal.

Do Not Be Absent When Called

You have to give the right contact number when you are applying for a phlebotomy job. it should be put in your resume or application letter. There are so many applicants out there who missed their chances of getting hired simply because of wrong contact number. When you are called, you have to be there. Your presence is so important or else your opportunity will be given to others.

Do a Follow-up of Your Application

Your application doesn’t end up on passing your resume and application letter. If you cannot accept a call within a week or month, do the follow-up. Call the agency or the company where you are applying and ask for the status of your application. In this way, they will know that you are really serious and interested on the job and might be given a chance to be hired. If you will not follow-up, you will never know what is happening on your application. Become a phlebotomist in the near future!

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Phlebotomy Training Schools in Michigan

Learning about phlebotomy training is essential in the United States of America, especially in Michigan which is a state called “The Great Lake State,” “The Wolverine State,”” The Mitten State,” and ” Water (Winter) Wonderland.” Now if you are wondering what are the offers of this state in terms of phlebotomy training, well, it’s about time to check out the schools in Michigan that are offering phlebotomy training course.

There are several types of certificates that you can avail in Michigan if you would like to become a phlebotomist. The most common certificates are the Certificate of Completion and Certificate of Achievement upon completion. Now, if you would like to avail any of the certificates that you can make use of to advance in your phlebotomy career, take note of the system and the schools where you can spend your time learning about the essentials of being a phlebotomist.

Here are some schools in Michigan that you can check out if you are going to study phlebotomy.

Davenport University

This university is private and has a four-year type of school system. If you would like to study in Davenport University, you have the chance to avail Phlebotomy Diploma. You are going to spend more or less $19,948 for the tuition and for the books and other supplies, it would be $2,100.

Lansing Community College

Another school that you need to check out is the Lansing Community College which is a public school that offers two-year course. In Lansing University, you will be able to get a Phlebotomy Technician Certificate that you can make use of if you would like to work as a phlebotomist technician in Michigan.

North Central Michigan College

Next to check out is the North Central Michigan College which is a public school and just like the Lansing Community College, this school also offers two-year course. In North Central Michigan College, it is possible for you to earn a Phlebotomy Technician Certificate.

Schoolcraft College

This school is the same as the Lansing Community College and North Central Michigan College since it also offers a two-year course and it is also a public school. The only difference is that you are going to earn a Phlebotomy Skills Certificate in this school.

Southwestern Michigan College

The last on the list of colleges that I am introducing here is the Southwestern Michigan College which is a public school and also offering two-year course. In Southwestern Michigan College, it is possible for you to avail Phlebotomy Specialty Certificate Program.

The schools mentioned above are not complete. It means to say that you are able to check more schools online or in your directory if you would like to have a complete list. You have to know exactly what you want to become so that when you are there, trying to look for your preferred school, you know exactly what to do. Good luck on your phlebotomy training in Michigan and take note of the things that you should consider.

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Phlebotomy Training in the United States of America

How do you like to take up phlebotomy training in the United States of America? Well, it can be. The only thing that you need to do now is to find a training center of school that is capable of giving a state approved phlebotomy training since you are going to take this in any of the states of the country, preferably on your state.

You are going to accomplish all the necessary things to accomplish and it has something to do with completion of the number of hours set for the training. There are several skills that you need to know and practice if you would like to become a competent phlebotomy and not just identified based on your name. Phlebotomy is a career that you should try.

There are questions regarding taking up phlebotomy training online and it depends upon the school. There are schools that are extending their courses offered as far as online and you can take them if they are available and I can say that they are in minimum. There are only a few schools or training centers that are offering phlebotomy training online and it is harder to find a free phlebotomy training online if that is what you are desiring. Maybe it is possible in CNA training online but not in phlebotomy training.

The issue with the phlebotomists nowadays is that they are increasing in knowledge and gaining expertise in the field because they are practicing more on their craft. There are states that are offering added training to their already employed phlebotomists so that they will be updated on the latest skills and in order for them to be assessed whether they are still competent or not.

If you have completed the training for phlebotomists and got your certification, the best thing to do is to apply for a job. Now, in applying for a job, you will go through a rigid assessment and evaluation since becoming a phlebotomist is not a joke. This deals with the lives of people since you will be recording, injecting, and the like. And one of the most important things that we need to know about being a phlebotomist is being able to connect with the patient and have a good relationship with them. By this, you will have the chance to help them rise above their situations.

When you go online, you will find a list of phlebotomy schools and training centers in the United States of America but they might not come from a single source. You will have to search for more if you would like to find the training center in your own state.

Becoming a phlebotomy in the United States of America, especially in Michigan is such a privilege one should not avoid. It’s about time to make your dreams come true by taking up one of the most in demand and high compensating courses in the heart of America. Take up phlebotomy training in the United States of America.

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A Professional Phlebotomist’s Qualities

This world has its own standards. And in terms of being a phlebotomist, there is also a standard set for it. The thing is professionalism is more than just having a degree or diploma because it is applied in the work place. In every working environment where we go, there is this kind of professionalism that is required. And talking about being a phlebotomist, how can you show that you are really professional not just on the degree that you are holding but also in your heart. Well, it depends upon your qualities. And here are some qualities that you need to posses in order for you to be considered a real professional phlebotomist.


Organization. Being organized is so important. Remember that you are dealing with records, blood samples and other things essential for the human being. And since you are required sometimes to keep a record, you should do this in a manner of not just presentable but also safe because of your organized attitude.

Accuracy. Being accurate is one of the traits that you should not neglect. Do not take for granted small details of something since they are of huge importance. Be accurate in your records of species details and the like. Accuracy is also important because you are dedicated to making records and there should be no discrepancy.

Open-mindedness. There are instances when a new discovery on your field is discovered. And it takes an open-minded man to give importance to those. Do not neglect the fact that there are instances when the discovered something might contribute more in the field of phlebotomy. You should also be open to conducting studies and reviewing the results.

Honesty. Honest is the best policy, the old saying goes. Well, this is true. In the field of phlebotomy, there are times when you are required to be honest with the results of what you are dealing with. Honesty can save life. Remember that you are dealing with a lot of issues on phlebotomy and it is important to be honest. This will contribute more to the betterment and development of your field.

You can list down some other qualities that you think are essential for a phlebotomist. You can also rely on your own experience and observations on the people around you, especially phlebotomists. Make it a habit of developing yourself professionally and you will be able to see yourself soar higher than you expect.

You can visit

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Phlebotomy Training Online for You

There are jobs that we want to have because that is what we have finished. Though this is so, there are instances when we fail to have it because of lack of competence. Remember that nowadays, it is not just the certificate that matters but also the skills. I have gone through a lot of tough times rereading and retraining myself just to nurture myself with the right skills in order for me to be accepted in the job. Now I am a phlebotomist and I owe it to a certain phlebotomy training online and I would like to share this to you. You can try it too.

You can try phlebotomy training online and it is much cheaper than actual training. You have to remember that it is still good to go to an actual school because that is the standard way of taking the course. I would like to give credits to the institutions that have tried so hard in order to teach students the right way in becoming a phlebotomist. And with regards to taking this online, you should see to it that you have the following factors achieved to say that you really did succeed:

Theoretical knowledge. With this, you will be able to know about the theories that govern the studies. Without theories, you will not have standard of learning. Theories include proper venipuncture and care for the patients.

Practical application. After the theory, your practical application is a must. You will apply what you have learned so that you will not become a stagnant freak. Yes, that may sound awful but that is right. Storing lots of knowledge without application on the field of phlebotomy will cause you stagnation.

Video tutorials. The best kind of learning in my own opinion when you are far away from the whereabouts is by means of videos. This is the reason why there are video tutorials available online that you can avail. You can actually buy them and there are also others that are given for free. It depends upon you if you have the budget for this.

Lastly, you should have the assurance that the online training program for phlebotomy that you have availed is legit. You should look into this.

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