What You Need to Know About Medical Assistants

If you would like to have a career where you can have good salary and challenging working environment, try taking medical assistant programs. We cannot deny the fact that working in medical field is a very rewarding one but the thing is sometimes it is not that easy to enter. Well, you can become a CNA or a phlebotomist by taking phlebotomy training if you want to. But this time, I recommend you try taking up medical assistant programs that are available in different schools across the country. But before you start taking up a certain program, there are things that you need to know about this and they are discussed below.

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Medical Assistant Duties and Responsibilities

In order for you to decide well if you will take up the program or not, it is wise to know first the duties and responsibilities of medical assistants and get accustomed with them. With this, it is easier for you to decide if this job is aligned with your skills and capacity or not. And to give you an idea of what medical assistants do, let us have a brief discussion.

Medical history of patients – there are medical histories of patients that a medical assistant should take. When we say history, it is the treatments that the patients went through before as well as the improvement. A medical assistant should have an idea on how to do this. A proper recording is needed for accurate results. Remember that records are important documents in the medical field.

Vital signs recording – it is important to record vital signs of patients and this is the most common requirements for health workers and those who are working in the medical field. When you will work as medical assistant in the future, it is a must to learn recording the vital signs of the patients. This is also done by Certified Nursing Assistants.

Procedure treatment explanation to patients- it is a must the  patient should know and understand very well the treatment procedure so that he will cooperate. The problem sometimes is when there is no cooperation between the medical assistant and the patient. There are patients who are hard to talk with and that requires good and effective communication skill.  A good school for medical assistants is the one that can train the students the most effective way of communicating with the patients.

Preparation of the patients for examination – the medical assistant will prepare the patients for examination and this requires preparing the necessary materials and the patients as well. Normally, the doctor or any medical personnel will do the checkup and the medical assistant serves as help of these professionals.

Medical Assistants’ Salary

In taking up a particular course, the one thing that enters the mind of the students is the thought about the salary in the future. Well, this is normal since one should look at in advance what he is about to avail in the future. Most medical assistants training program are done in states for the sake of state certification. If you are certified on a certain state, you will be using your certificate in order to work there.

If you would like to know about the average salary for medical assistants, you have to check your state and the hospitals as well. Salaries differ in every state but according to a study, the average salary for medical assistants in the United States of America is $38,000 a year. This is a good salary if you would like to provide for the needs of your family. Though this is the average salary, bear in mind that it can increase or decrease.

Where Do Medical Assistants Work?

Since you have read about the duties and responsibilities of medical assistants, you probably have an idea on where they work. Most medical assistants work in the hospitals unless there are other working places that are private wherein they are needed. There are training programs for medical assistants that are done in the hospital and this is a good opportunity for those who would like to take up the training there since they will be able to have a higher percentage of getting hired someday. There are also scholarships for medical assistants if you are lucky enough to avail them.

Finding Your Medical Assistant School

Before making a step in finding a medical assistant school, it is important to know first the general requirements for those who would like to take up the course. One should be of legal age or 18 years old and above in order to be admitted in a certain school. On the side of the one seeking for a school, it is important to check if the school where he is trying to enroll has a state-approved medical assistant program.

Aside from being of legal age, the student should possess a high school diploma or GED which is its equivalent. This will be presented on the school of choice of the student. It is also a must to undergo health checkup to see to it that the student is free from illnesses especially tuberculosis. A good background is an asset for the student since background checkup is a must for the school to do. There are certain GPA requirements for the students and it is important to have at least 2.00 GPA to secure a spot in the class.

Find your medical assistant school near you by going online. There are so many schools out there waiting for you to enroll. If you would like to become a certified medical assistant in the future, you should read more articles about this career.

Your decision to become a medical assistant could be the best decision you could ever have in your life. If you are serious about helping others and seeing the changes in their lives, you are set to take the course. Remember that if you are going to change your perspective on this, you will be seeing this as a mission more than a job.

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Introducing the Phlebotomy Handbook 8th Edition

The complete title of the book is Phlebotomy Handbook: Blood Specimen Collection from Basic to Advanced (8th Edition) and it was written by Diana Garza and Kathleen Becan. These two brilliant authors have developed the book for the purpose of equipping phlebotomists and future phlebotomists in the field.

To be specific, the coverage of this book is blood and specimen collection which are said to be the most fundamental job of a phlebotomist. When you take up this course, you will surely do a lot of activities and exercises on this matter. And with the help of this handbook, you will gain more knowledge on how to execute properly these tasks. If you want to become more competent on this field, you can buy the book Phlebotomy Handbook 8th Edition.

The Coverage of the Book

I have mentioned above that the main coverage of the handbook is blood and specimen collection, as the title of the book suggests. And to be more specific on this matter, let me just tackle some of the most important matters to be discussed on the book. If you are going to buy this book, at least you have an idea of what is inside of it.

Safety guidelines – this is an important matter to study that is why it is incorporated on the book. The safety guidelines will help you understand the procedures on how to safely perform the said tasks in a safer way. And this is latest. It means to say that this is applicable to our situation nowadays. You can learn about this matter if you have the book with you.

Hazard prevention – I like to study this one because of its importance. There are hazards on blood and specimen collection and that is the truth. And since the patients are prone to any form of hazards, it is important that the one who is performing the task is expert and can avoid hazards. Hazard prevention is one of the most important things that are tackled on the book.

Certification process – you will surely like this topic since you cannot start a job without being certified. On the book, you will be given enough idea in order to be certified as phlebotomist. I can say that this is very helpful to those who are on their journey of becoming a phlebotomist. The certification process is a tough thing to go through and with the help of this book, one will have the chance to be certified.

Communication skills – one of the most important skills to possess if you are a phlebotomist is the communication skills. If you can communicate well with your patient, you will be able to help them rise above their situations. Do not underestimate this skill that is taught in the book since they are more important than you know. If you are applying for a job, you can also make use of this skill.

Applying for a job – if you think that this book is just focused on equipping you with phlebotomy skills, well, think twice because this will also help you hitch a job position. This book will also give you the tips on how to get a job for yourself. There are so many phlebotomists nowadays that benefited from the book. And I can say that this book is good to posses if you would like to start your phlebotomy career. If you are student nowadays, I advise you to purchase it.

Competency checklist – if you have a checklist of your competency, you will have a good evaluation of yourself on the things that you can and cannot do. There is also a portion of this book wherein it serves as a checklist for your competencies. Maker use of the book properly and you will surely gain a lot from it. With the list of the competencies that you should master, you will be able to become expert on this field.

Purchasing the Book

If you are ready to purchase the book, you can have it online or offline, but I suggest you get it online. The new book’s price is $78.74 in Amazon and you can also have it used at $33.65. The book is in paperback form and it is up to you if you will have it new or used. If you can find a cheaper store for the book, the better, the shipping of the product depends on the terms and conditions of the shop where you have purchased it. Also, do not forget about coupons, discounts and other things available online that can lessen the price of the book.

You will surely enjoy reading this book since this is your total savior as a phlebotomist. This book is helpful not only to those who are already phlebotomists but also to those who are still starting. Give yourself a chance to improve on this field and do not forget about the skills that you are going to acquire from this book that you have bought with a few dollars. Always remember that your few dollars will get you somewhere.

A Challenge for You to Buy

If you are going to buy this book, I advise you to read reviews as well, this is if you are on second thought about this. There may be negative comments that you can read about the book and that is just normal, because no book is perfect. But personally, I endorse this book if you are having problems with finding a good book to possess where you can learn almost everything about phlebotomy, especially in terms of blood specimen collection.

If you have with you your mode of payment which is paypal, go and find a site now that offer this book. If you can find a site that is based on your area, the better. Remember that the closer you are to the seller, the easier and faster is the transaction and shipping of the product. Get yourself a copy now.

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Know the Right Way to be Healthy

Health is wealth.  When you ages, you experience a lot of age related diseases.  That is why taking care of oneself is important.  There is no ideal age when to be healthy or when to take care of oneself.  Start making a program, a step by step healthy habit to improve and maintain a healthy body.  Make a goal:

  • Quit smoking
  • Eat healthy foods
  • Limit alcohol intake
  • Exercise daily

These are the first changes that will make a better difference to your body.  There are other activities used by millions of people like working out in a gym to shake off the sweat.  Others religiously look into their diet and incorporate a diet plan.  Some turn their room into gym and make their own exercise program.  Others search online tips for proper diet and exercise.  There are trainers and coaches for health regimen.  Some people hire one to ensure proper attitude in training.  Some use other sports to train and to be fit.  These sports and activities are:

  • Swimming

This will enhance bodily coordination and will strengthen the musculature.  It also enhances cardiovascular endurance.  It also tones muscles.  As most of the muscles are used, the impact of the exercise is for the whole body.  This sport also improves balance, posture, flexibility, and body coordination.

  • Biking or cycling

This may be a low impact exercise but is fun when done with friends or love ones.  The work-out is targeted on the major muscle groups.  This is bringing a better fit than walking.  It enhances good strength and stamina.

  • Basketball

This is one of the most loved sports worldwide.  This is played in a team and is patronized well.  It builds endurance and enhances balance, concentration, self-discipline and coordination.  Most basketball players build up muscle bulk and burn calories while playing.

  • Badminton

This kind of game promotes movements of the lower and upper extremities.  It tones the used muscles and promotes the right bulk.  This game also let the players burn unwanted fats and calories.  It shakes unwanted sweats as well.

  • Boxing

The program in boxing promotes agility and muscle bulk.  Although the arms and fists are mostly noticed to be of active movement, the feet are as busy as well to jive with the upper limb.  The body is also promoted for the needed strength and flexibility.  This is a moving sport and is used for exercise training too.

  • Dancing

There are a lot of varieties in dancing as used for fitness and training program.  This is an aerobic exercise that helps in bringing body into a fit.  Today, even men join this fitness training to shake off some sweat and bring in the right flexibility.

There are a lot of sports and exercises being utilized by people to be fit and healthy.  But these must be coupled with the right diet.  If you do not have time to exercise, it is better to consider eating healthy diet.  It is important to know what food can bring you the healthy results. A good diet is not actually of strict limitations.  There is no need for deprivation on the foods you love to eat.  It will be unrealistic to be overly thin.  Your stature will depend on your Body Mass Index (BMI).  The body mass index is the measurement of body fat basing it on adult men and women’s weight and height.   Therefore, eat what you can but check on what your body needs.

Healthy Fruits

What keeps the doctors away?  Aside from apples, include papayas, strawberries, kiwis, bananas, blueberries, oranges, and grapes.  These are called the super fruits.

  • Apples have high dose of fiber. It also helps in lowering cholesterol.  This is also a good antioxidant.
  • Papayas help in digestion. This fruit is a good source of vitamin C and folate.
  • Strawberries help in controlling or preventing heart disease, diabetes, and inflammation.
  • Kiwis have twice Vitamin C content than oranges. This fruit helps in lowering risk of cataracts and protects damage of the DNA.
  • Bananas are the best source of potassium. This fruit helps lower the risk of stroke and blood pressure.
  • Blueberries help fight and prevent cancer, macular degeneration, and urinary tract infections. These are very good source of antioxidants.
  • Oranges will give the needed daily vitamin C and potassium. The membrane of the orange helps lower cholesterol.
  • Grapes help in preventing heart disease. It has antioxidant.

Healthy Vegetables

There are known vegetables of great nutrients and these are:

  • Carrots

This vegetable enriches the eye, skin, and hair.  It is loaded with vitamin A and C.

  • Brocolli

This is packed with antioxidants, beta-carotene, vitamin C, and folate.  This vegetable is known to fight cancer.

  • Squash

This vegetable is rich in Vitamin C, beta-carotene, potassium, magnesium, and fiber.

  • Potato

This vegetable regulates the digestive system and is packed with vitamin A, vitamin C, manganese, fiber, and iron.

  • Eggplant

This vegetable is loaded with nutrients healthy for the heart.  It can reduce stroke and dementia.

  • Bell Pepper

This egetable is packed with lycopene and folic acid.  This can lower the risk of cancers in the pancreas, bladder, lung, and colon.

  • Spinach

This vegetable contains almost all the nutrients and vitamins you need.

  • Onions

This vegetable helps in fighting osteoporosis, heart disease, and even diabetes.

  • Tomato

This is actually a fruit but is served as a vegetable.  It lowers the blood pressure and packed with vitamins from A to K.  This is also good in fighting cancer.

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Healthy Drinks

There are no other alternatives than water and all fresh fruit or vegetable juices.  There are offered juicers you can use.  There are also fresh juices you can buy in the supermarket.

Visit your Doctor

It is imperative to visit the doctor regularly.  There are certified healthcare professionals ready to give you the medical services you need.  Check out the different health care specialists and visit the ones who can help you with your medical problems.  Enjoy life and longevity.  Make everyday worthwhile and make your life happy and sickness free!  Longevity is earned.

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The Rise of Technical Colleges

We have our ways of having our career someday. Well, to look at things closely, some have it in a “long-term” setting and some also have it in a “short-term” setting. While two are possible ways to have a career, there is always a strategy that works for you and that is something that you need to know. To give you a broader perspective of what course to take nowadays that has an impact on your career someday, you should learn something about technical courses.

Understanding Technical Courses

When we talk about technical courses, we are referring to a course that is brought about by technology such as accounting technician, business, allied health, dental assistant, and many more. When we say technical courses, they are sometimes short in terms of time being offered. What I like the most about technical courses is that you are availing a course wherein everything that are included in the curriculum are related to it. it means to say that there is a few or no minor subjects included. Though you would like to take tings course by means of “long-term” or “short-term,” there is nothing wrong with that as long as you will gain the right competency.

technical college programsThere are so many technical colleges that are opening nowadays with technical college programs. Well, it is good that there are so many of them since you will have so many choices where to take up the program. You might have programs that are close to your residence and if you think the program offered is good for you, you might as well take up the course, but then again, it is still important to know better about the background of the school.

Just the Right One for You

If I were you, eradicate the thought that you should have completed or graduated a four-year course in order to have a good job someday. Remember that technical courses are “in” nowadays because they producing competent workers for the job. If the products are competent workers, they will be able to focus and excel on their field. The problem sometimes with other curriculums is that there are so many added subjects that are less important to the one who is taking the course. With this, it is better to lessen the presence of these subjects and just focus on the necessary things.

Now, let me ask you, what do you know? You might be good a certain thing like welding , carpentry, computer, sewing, etc. And if you know already your strength on skills, you might want to try taking up a technical course from a technical school near you. Most of the students who are taking up technical courses simply follow their heart’s desire. May this be a guide for you to choose very well the path to follow in technical schools.

There are so many technical schools out there ready to give you the right education. Settle your priorities now and know where to place yourself. It is always better to do something that you like.

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Medical Assistant Program

For those who are looking forward to completing a medical assistant program, the best thing to do is to take this through medical assistant schools. There are so many schools that are offering this kind of course and you can avail the program either online or not. And if you will ask for our advice on this matter, it would be better to take the program on the whereabouts of the school. You can easily decide if you will take up this course if you have an idea on how things work on here. With so many schools to choose from, you have to see to it that you are taking a state-approved medical assistant program.

medical assistant schools

Medical Assistant Program Requirements

If you would like to take up medical assistant program in a certain school, you have to comply first with the requirements of the state. This is not always the same with the requirements on other states, but you have to prepare your credentials like your birth certificate as a proof that you are already 18 years of age. After that, you will have to prepare also your high school diploma or a GED will do. Make it a habit also of preparing yourself physically by means of having your health checkup. You have an edge if you are not convicted or involved in any crime that is why background checkup is necessary.

An Increase in the Need for Health Care Workers

Time is changing and so is the need for health workers such as CNAs, LPNs, Phlebotomists and Medical Assistants. With this kind of change, there is an increasing employment opportunity for the mentioned health workers. Now that this is the trend, you will have a good job someday if only you will avail medical assistant program.

Look at the hospitals around you. There are so many jobs there for professionals. And though doctors and nurses are already professionals, it doesn’t mean that they are able to do their jobs on their own. There are a lot of helps needed for professionals to get from medical assistants so I advise you to get certified now.

Your first step in taking up a medical assistant program is to find a school that offers this program. And when I say find a school, you have to check very well if the school that you have chosen offers a program that has been approved and accredited by the state. You will be required to pass all the requirements of the state since you will also be working on the same state where you took the program, unless you are planning to transfer your certification to other states. In this case, you will have to undergo the process of reciprocity.

The Coverage of the Training

The coverage of each training for medical assistants differs in every school. To give you an idea of the things that you will be learning, they are about medical histories, taking vital signs, preparation of the patients for the examination and many more.

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