A Professional Phlebotomist’s Qualities

This world has its own standards. And in terms of being a phlebotomist, there is also a standard set for it. The thing is professionalism is more than just having a degree or diploma because it is applied in the work place. In every working environment where we go, there is this kind of professionalism that is required. And talking about being a phlebotomist, how can you show that you are really professional not just on the degree that you are holding but also in your heart. Well, it depends upon your qualities. And here are some qualities that you need to posses in order for you to be considered a real professional phlebotomist.


Organization. Being organized is so important. Remember that you are dealing with records, blood samples and other things essential for the human being. And since you are required sometimes to keep a record, you should do this in a manner of not just presentable but also safe because of your organized attitude.

Accuracy. Being accurate is one of the traits that you should not neglect. Do not take for granted small details of something since they are of huge importance. Be accurate in your records of species details and the like. Accuracy is also important because you are dedicated to making records and there should be no discrepancy.

Open-mindedness. There are instances when a new discovery on your field is discovered. And it takes an open-minded man to give importance to those. Do not neglect the fact that there are instances when the discovered something might contribute more in the field of phlebotomy. You should also be open to conducting studies and reviewing the results.

Honesty. Honest is the best policy, the old saying goes. Well, this is true. In the field of phlebotomy, there are times when you are required to be honest with the results of what you are dealing with. Honesty can save life. Remember that you are dealing with a lot of issues on phlebotomy and it is important to be honest. This will contribute more to the betterment and development of your field.

You can list down some other qualities that you think are essential for a phlebotomist. You can also rely on your own experience and observations on the people around you, especially phlebotomists. Make it a habit of developing yourself professionally and you will be able to see yourself soar higher than you expect.

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Phlebotomy Training Online for You

There are jobs that we want to have because that is what we have finished. Though this is so, there are instances when we fail to have it because of lack of competence. Remember that nowadays, it is not just the certificate that matters but also the skills. I have gone through a lot of tough times rereading and retraining myself just to nurture myself with the right skills in order for me to be accepted in the job. Now I am a phlebotomist and I owe it to a certain phlebotomy training online and I would like to share this to you. You can try it too.

You can try phlebotomy training online and it is much cheaper than actual training. You have to remember that it is still good to go to an actual school because that is the standard way of taking the course. I would like to give credits to the institutions that have tried so hard in order to teach students the right way in becoming a phlebotomist. And with regards to taking this online, you should see to it that you have the following factors achieved to say that you really did succeed:

Theoretical knowledge. With this, you will be able to know about the theories that govern the studies. Without theories, you will not have standard of learning. Theories include proper venipuncture and care for the patients.

Practical application. After the theory, your practical application is a must. You will apply what you have learned so that you will not become a stagnant freak. Yes, that may sound awful but that is right. Storing lots of knowledge without application on the field of phlebotomy will cause you stagnation.

Video tutorials. The best kind of learning in my own opinion when you are far away from the whereabouts is by means of videos. This is the reason why there are video tutorials available online that you can avail. You can actually buy them and there are also others that are given for free. It depends upon you if you have the budget for this.

Lastly, you should have the assurance that the online training program for phlebotomy that you have availed is legit. You should look into this.

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Resting After the Phlebotomy Job

This is a rarely tackled issue and I bet you will not find much information or features with regards to resting after the phlebotomy job. Remember that this is also a hectic job – a kind of job wherein you need to exert more efforts in order to become excellent. We all agree that it is not easy to master all the things that you need to know in this job but it is possible. Here are resting tips that you need to practice after working in the laboratory, office or clinic in terms of being a phlebotomist:

  1. Do not wash your hands instantly. There are instances when you are tempted to wash your hands because of dealing with so many patients the whole day. You don’t have to do this instantly. In fact, if you have the chance to rest for a while, just rest. If you will wash your hand, use warm water.
  2. Do not go in front of the television or computer after work. It is a hobby for almost everyone to go in front of the television to watch the favorite tv show or go in front of the computer to do the social networking thing. My advice is: just wait for a few minutes. This is to rest your eyes that are tired during the job.
  3. Close your eyes when there is a chance. A good eye resting will give you enough strength to avoid headache and the like. If you want to feel more relaxed, make sure to close your eyes and it is also good to play relaxing and soft music. Do not be afraid falling sleep, there is nothing wrong with that.
  4. Avoid noise. A noisy environment can be stressful. You have gone to different environment the whole day and do not bring that kind of environment in your living room or any resting place.
  5. Have your body massaged. A good massage can give relaxation to the body and avoid fatigue. If you are tired, you can resort to this. You will get to improve your blood circulation and you will be able to sleep and relax well when you have undergone massage.

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The Importance of Note Taking Being a Phlebotomy

Are you a phlebotomist? Well, how’s the job? These are simple questions to answer and it speaks a lot about the identity of the one who took the career. The increase in number of those who are taking the course is a signification that it could increase more in the future. Now that you are in this page, you will surely learn a lot of important things about the job and one of them is note taking.

You might say that taking down notes is a high school thing. If you have this kind of thinking, well, it’s about time for you to do something for your life to become productive. If you will take this career as something that you will embrace for a lifetime, it is better to train yourself to become good at taking down notes so that you will not have problems when you are already on the job.

The reason why note taking is important in the life of phlebotomists is because the job is filled with this and it is important to take down notes and labeling as well. You will be working in a laboratory, with so many information(s) to keep and being organized with your records will give you a chance to have the work for yourself.

While you are still waiting for that chance to snatch a phlebotomy job, do something for yourself to improve. You have lots of rooms for this. There are phlebotomists whom we can say that are good with their careers but failed to give importance to the aspect of taking notes, labeling and recording and they failed. You have to present a clear, concise and wonderful idea to your boss.

You will be trained during the phlebotomy training course about the importance of taking down notes and you should keep them in mind. No matter what you do and no matter where you go, have this etched in your heart so that you will reach your goal of becoming a certified phlebotomist filled with skills and knowledge with good note taking and recording skills. Now is the time to learn.

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Completing the Phlebotomist Course Despite Pressure

Pressure is everywhere. You can experience it in working place. Your boss may be expecting a lot from you with a limited time given for you to finish a certain task or project and that brings pressure. Pressure could be in private life with family and loved ones and it involves relational issues and that is something that can press you down. As what I have said, pressure is inevitable. And sometimes the moment we experience pressure, it is also the time when we become cleaver in dealing with life’s issues. How about if you are studying phlebotomy and pressures are coming to you one by one? Well, here’s what you should know.

If you are taking a phlebotomy course, you cannot avoid pressure. These pressures are good since they will push you to have more compassion with patients, master the several ways of drawing blood from patients and learn how to become more modest in dealing with hard patients and the like. If you can deal with these things, you will be able to become more appropriate and worthy for the job. Being a phlebotomist is so rewarding and that is the reason why you don’t have to turn your back from all the challenges that you will be encountering along the way. You have to finish and complete the course no matter what because first and foremost you paid for it and even though you will not be able to finish it, you still have to pay. If that is the case, why not pursue and work harder to become a medical technician or shall we say certified phlebotomy technician?

You have your fellow trainees with you and that should be an inspiration since it means to say that you have companions along the way. You are bound to walk a path that will lead to the same destination so why not complete the course? You have to develop your attitude and see what benefits you can get from finishing the course. You have to remember that there are so many benefits that you can get from it aside from having a good pay, most of all, satisfaction and joy because you will be able to reach out to other people and help them.

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